Then enter my MOVIE BUFF CHALLENGE. It consists of thirteen witty bits of dialogue. (That's right...thirteen...Do you feel lucky??) Tell me who said the lines to whom in what famous movie and I will send you a check for ONE HUNDRED dollars!! You will get extra points if you know the character who said it as well as the actor or actress that played the character.

I'm very fair...there are no "B" movies here......the quirky lines are all from blockbusters, mostly American Film Institute classics, and the lines are unique to the particular movie.

But don't even fantasize about getting away with "We'll always have Paris" or "Frankly my dear...".

E-mail me with your best guesses. I will e-mail back to the first person with all correct answers proclaiming him or her the winner and ask for an address where I will be happy to send a check.

On August 13th (Alfred Hitchcock's birthday) I will post the answers here. GOOD LUCK!

Movie Buff contest

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